Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

Posted by Zilo Rings on 7/5/2016

While gearing up for your big day, you're faced with endless advice, suggestions, questions, and decisions to make. Throw in antiquated traditions and old wives tales, and the whole ordeal can be a bit overwhelming. For instance, every bride-to-be knows that she is supposed to have something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe - as the old poem goes. This Victorian tradition was built around superstition and good luck charms. It seems silly and out of touch to most of us, but once you think about what each item represents, it can actually be a charming addition to even the most modern wedding.

Why Cobalt Rings are Gaining Popularity

Posted by Zilo Rings on 6/8/2016

Cobalt rings are gaining popularity, especially for wedding bands, and for good reason! They look and feel just like white gold but are much more affordable. Cobalt rings have the bright white color commonly associated with platinum but are much stronger and more scratch-resistant. (And unlike with white gold, cobalt will retain its shiny surface with no special coating or plating.) Cobalt rings will not chip or break. Their bright white color and luster will not fade over time and will not tarnish. Cobalt is much whiter than tungsten or titanium and cobalt rings can be easily polished.

Why Are Tungsten Rings Gaining Popularity So Quickly?

Posted by Zilo Rings on 5/26/2016

Marriages may last until "death do us part," but unfortunately not all parts of these unions are the same. The wedding band is the ultimate symbol of love and commitment, and couples must often think long and hard before choosing their perfect rings. Wedding bands should be quality and guaranteed to stay perfect, not something that needs to be replaced or worried about. Tungsten wedding bands are one of the best options, as they are strong and designed to last forever.

The Benefits of Titanium Wedding Rings

Posted by Zilo Rings on 5/2/2016

In today's poor economy, sometimes the only choice you can make is the cheaper one! Families all over the country are going to more 'alternative' products that otherwise would have been too obscure to consider. Included in these products are wedding rings, and with average gold wedding ring costing $1,000+ sometimes cheaper is the only option!

Why Are Titanium Wedding Rings So Popular?

Posted by Zilo Rings on 4/15/2016

Since its introduction into the jewelry market in the 1990s, titanium has grown in popularity as an excellent choice when shopping for wedding bands. Titanium wedding bands have pushed aside the other more traditional metal rings for many reasons, all of them very positive.

When contemplating a wedding band purchase there are many things to consider. Durability is most likely at the top of any shopper's list. Being durable is one place where titanium truly shines. The metal is incredibly sturdy and can withstand almost anything the wearer puts it through. People who work with their hands or in rough environments may find this quality very enticing.

The Huge Benefits of Titanium Jewelry

Posted by Zilo Rings on 3/10/2016

In the 1990s titanium rings appeared on the market as a fashion accessory for men. As their popularity grew and the rings became more common, jewelers began crafting titanium rings as lightweight alternatives to traditional wedding bands. Like traditional rings of gold or silver, titanium rings can be made with custom designs, inlays, and colors. But there are several other advantages to titanium wedding rings you should consider.

Metallic vs. Ceramic Wedding Bands: Which ones will show that "I Do" is truly forever?

Posted by Zilo Rings on 2/24/2016

Weddings are a beautiful sight to behold. From the rehearsal to the moment that the couple says “I do”, it is a display of the love and companionship shared between two people. Most traditional weddings include the ringbearer, who presents the two wedding bands to the couple at the altar. The bands are usually made of some sort of metal, such as gold, which is a beautiful metal that has a brilliant shine. The problem with metal is that some people are allergic to the bands, and they tend to wear down over the years, decreasing in color and luster.

Considering a Zirconium Wedding Ring?

Posted by Zilo Rings on 1/12/2016

More than any other jewelry worn, rings tell the story of the wearer. Encircling fingers that emphasize a statement or emotion, well suited rings elegantly communicate one's values, history or destiny. A platinum-set diamond solitaire may reveal one's love of beauty or eternal commitment to another person, while a Celtic knot identifies pride of heritage. A solid band suggests stability, strength and resolve. Among the newest additions to our contemporary metals collection, zirconium might be the most expressive of all ring metals. It shows uncanny alacrity at the hands of an artist, creating extraordinary rings of storytelling mastery.

What Are Damascus Steel Rings?

Posted by Zilo Rings on 12/23/2015

Those who seek a particularly exquisite wedding ring design should become more familiar with Damascus Steel wedding bands. They are comprised of steel that dates back as far as 200 AD, hearkening back to a time of knights in armor, castles, ancient swords and knives. Those same materials; varying grades of bonded steel, are used in creating these beautiful, artistic rings. There are many to choose from and a long list of reasons to choose Damascus Steel.