Considering a Zirconium Wedding Ring?

Posted by Zilo Rings on 1/12/2016

More than any other jewelry worn, rings tell the story of the wearer. Encircling fingers that emphasize a statement or emotion, well suited rings elegantly communicate one's values, history or destiny. A platinum-set diamond solitaire may reveal one's love of beauty or eternal commitment to another person, while a Celtic knot identifies pride of heritage. A solid band suggests stability, strength and resolve. Among the newest additions to our contemporary metals collection, zirconium might be the most expressive of all ring metals. It shows uncanny alacrity at the hands of an artist, creating extraordinary rings of storytelling mastery.

Bold and substantial or sleek and modern, zirconium rings are the result of a molecular transformation. This metal is an artistic medium lighter than most, denser than titanium and extremely strong. When zirconium is milled and heated to extreme temperatures for several hours, oxidation blackens the metal and hardens it to the strength of sapphire. The process produces a lustrous Onyx-black coating, extremely strong and resistant to scratching by even a diamond. Unlike tungsten, zirconium retains its rich blackness for life, and its characteristics make the metal perfect for one-of-kind designs and inspired creations. In sleek, deep-black and naked, raw metal, its two-tone capability marries uncompromising drive with creative spirit.

Number 40 on the Periodic Table, zirconium appears lustrous gray-white in its natural form. Deposits of this strong transitional metal are mined in Australia, Brazil, India, Russia and the U.S. It also has been found in moon rocks and meteorites and detected in the sun. Zirconium's resistance to corrosion puts it in demand for use in nuclear reactors and anatomical joint replacements as well as art rings. In ring form, its black-pearl finish grows more brilliant with wear. Sharp edges and hard, jagged surfaces cause virtually no visible surface irregularity to the highly polished metal, and over time daily wear enhances the ring's smoky elegance.

Our 2015 collection of zirconium rings exhibits the metal's true potential for strength and artistry. From the minimalism of a single band of midnight smoke or brilliant black to an array of surface textures, engravings and two-tone stripes, the creative possibilities seem endless. Broad and flat, curved or concave, zirconium rings possess a rare combination of strength and malleability that makes them uniquely desirable for those seeking artistic expression through distinctive, original jewelry. Bands are available in styles featuring metallic accents or duotone designs. Some bands come inlayed with diamonds. Others flaunt their original character with geometric cut-outs or textured designs from tire tread to rock wall.

As a medium, zirconium's artistic range makes it the perfect metal for rings of an equally wide range of meaning. Hexagonal like a heavy bolt or sleek and precise like the components of a disassembled weapon, many of our designs appeal directly to men, while women are drawn to their slender counterparts or distinctive designs in light and dark hues and satin, frosted or polished finishes. Zirconium has become the wedding band of choice for young progressives and high-tech professionals, while others wear zirconium to express personal passions, pastimes or professions. Wherever imagination takes the wearer, zirconium reflects personality, defines character and asserts aspiration.