Metallic vs. Ceramic Wedding Bands: Which ones will show that "I Do" is truly forever?

Posted by Zilo Rings on 2/24/2016

Weddings are a beautiful sight to behold. From the rehearsal to the moment that the couple says “I do”, it is a display of the love and companionship shared between two people. Most traditional weddings include the ringbearer, who presents the two wedding bands to the couple at the altar. The bands are usually made of some sort of metal, such as gold, which is a beautiful metal that has a brilliant shine. The problem with metal is that some people are allergic to the bands, and they tend to wear down over the years, decreasing in color and luster.

Ceramic wedding bands are a wonderful alternative choice for couples who are allergic to traditional wedding bands, or those who simply want bands that will not fade in color or break easily. Now, when we think of ceramic, we tend to think of the unattractive shade of terra cotta pots, used for plants and other sculptures. But ceramic comes in a variety of colors, not just earthy tones. For example, the company Heavy Stone Rings, which offers a wonderful array of ceramic rings, boasts the use of black diamond ceramic. It is a material that is often used in jet engine turbines and spacecraft. Black diamond ceramic is scratch resistant, much like the metal tungsten. But unlike tungsten, which is a heavy metal, the black diamond ceramic rings are on the lighter side, making it feel like you’re not lugging around a huge weight on your ring finger.

These rings are versatile in that you can order them in an array of different designs. From a simple pink wedding band to one with tribal/celtic markings, there is no limit to the designs one can choose for their wedding bands. They can be inlaid with different colors as well, or have precious jewels such as diamonds inlaid into the ceramic itself. They also have the advantage of having a consistent color throughout the ring, unlike the coating that usually goes on metallic wedding rings. They are also quite affordable, as opposed to the prices of precious metals. But perhaps the biggest advantage of having a ceramic wedding band (besides its hypoallergenic qualities) is the attractiveness it provides. Many couples keep their wedding bands long after the wedding is over and the vows are said. It is a fashion accessory that completes most outfits. Ceramic wedding bands take that one step further in that they offer a style that will fit with any season, be it winter or summer. They work with a vast array of outfits, more so than metallic rings, which usually fit better with “fancier” clothes. Ceramic can be used for more casual styles as well.

So when it comes time to propose to your loved one, keep in mind the pros of a ceramic wedding band over your traditional metallic ones. They are strong, durable, resistant to scratching, and less expensive than precious metals. They will also last for years to come, never fading in color or shine. These rings truly show that “I do” is forever.