Why Are Titanium Wedding Rings So Popular?

Posted by Zilo Rings on 4/15/2016

Since its introduction into the jewelry market in the 1990s, titanium has grown in popularity as an excellent choice when shopping for wedding bands. Titanium wedding bands have pushed aside the other more traditional metal rings for many reasons, all of them very positive.

When contemplating a wedding band purchase there are many things to consider. Durability is most likely at the top of any shopper's list. Being durable is one place where titanium truly shines. The metal is incredibly sturdy and can withstand almost anything the wearer puts it through. People who work with their hands or in rough environments may find this quality very enticing.

Since titanium wedding bands are so sturdy, the need for constant upkeep is unnecessary. The ring will truly stand the test of time without needing to be polished, nor will it lose its shape or become dented or scratched. Titanium is not at risk for corrosion and it will never change color. The owner can rest assured that their ring will retain its beauty for years to come and be confident wearing it daily.

Titanium wedding bands are hypoallergenic making it the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies. It has been proven to not cause skin rashes or any negative effects on the skin. Furthermore, titanium wedding bands to not cause ghastly green markings on fingers.

Affordability is something many consumers are concerned about when hunting for the perfect wedding band. Shoppers will find that titanium wedding bands are a very cost effective choice when comparing them to other metal bands. This is due to how titanium is sourced and processed. The metal can be immediately be shaped and polished into any design imaginable. Gemstones and diamonds can easily be added to the created titanium ring, and they can even be engraved or heated to different colors. When gold or silver goes through the process of becoming jewelry, many things need to be added to the metal and the process of creating the ring is very expensive. Since titanium is "ready to go" once sourced, nothing needs to be added during the development of the ring which keeps the cost down for consumers.

Titanium wedding bands are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. Men may find this very appealing due to the usual heft of men's wedding bands. The ring will never get in the way of their daily activities and they will most likely forget that they are wearing anything at all. Women will find their titanium wedding bands to be delicate in weight and style but very strong and ready to last a lifetime.

For years, gold and platinum have reigned supreme as the ideal metal choice when selecting wedding bands. However, titanium wedding bands are quickly gaining in popularity and are politely shoving gold and platinum out of the way. When comparing the metals to each other, platinum and titanium are very close in color. The bad news for platinum is that it scratches easily and is very expensive. It is really no surprise to anyone in the jewelry industry that sales of titanium wedding bands have skyrocketed in recent years. One can only imagine that due to the many benefits of owning titanium wedding bands their popularity will continue to grow.