Why Cobalt Rings are Gaining Popularity

Posted by Zilo Rings on 6/8/2016

Cobalt rings are gaining popularity, especially for wedding bands, and for good reason! They look and feel just like white gold but are much more affordable. Cobalt rings have the bright white color commonly associated with platinum but are much stronger and more scratch-resistant. (And unlike with white gold, cobalt will retain its shiny surface with no special coating or plating.) Cobalt rings will not chip or break. Their bright white color and luster will not fade over time and will not tarnish. Cobalt is much whiter than tungsten or titanium and cobalt rings can be easily polished.

Quality cobalt rings are not quite as scratch-resistant as tungsten but still highly unlikely to scratch. They are stronger and and more scratch-resistant than titanium. While it may look like platinum or white gold, cobalt is in fact four times harder than platinum and is five times harder than gold. Cobalt is also seven times harder than silver. With cobalt, you don't have to worry about wearing your ring every day or dropping it on the floor once in awhile. Your cobalt ring can withstand a beating without giving up its shine and 'new' appearance.

Because cobalt won't chip or crack, you have a shatterproof ring that is ideal for diamonds and other custom work. Cobalt rings are perfect for engraving, etchings, and creative gem and diamond placement. Cobalt is the perfect metal for designing the unique, personal ring of your dreams -- a keepsake ring that will truly last a lifetime! Do note though that cobalt is more difficult to shape, so you are more restricted to the band style.

Cobalt bands are actually less likely to bend or warp than precious metal wedding bands, and extremely comfortable to wear. Cobalt wedding bands are more lightweight than any traditional precious metal wedding bands. They are one of the only alternative metals that can be adjusted up to half a size without the addition of another metal.

Cobalt is a quality jewelry metal that will hold its strength and brilliance for years to come. Lightweight and hypoallergenic, cobalt is commonly used in medicine. Hip and knee replacements are typically made from cobalt. Cobalt metal is well tolerated by the human body, with a very low chance of rejection or allergy. This extends to jewelry, as cobalt rings are unlikely to cause redness or other reactions, even in those more prone to sensitivities with jewelry. Although extremely strong, rest assured that cobalt rings can be easily cut and removed in the case of an emergency.

A cobalt ring is the right choice if you love the look and feel of white gold and plan to wear your ring everyday. The lustrous white hue will never fade and scratches are very unlikely. Whether you opt for something simple or personalize your ring with diamonds or designs, a cobalt ring will hold up through daily wear without losing its shine. Beautiful, smooth and comfortable, it is a ring you will never want to take off!